US aircraft carrier captain playfully counters Houthi's false online claims of hitting his ship (2024)

ABOARD THE USS DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER IN THE RED SEA (AP) — The USS Dwight D. Eisenhower may be one of the oldest aircraft carriers in the U.S. Navy, but it’s still fighting — despite repeated false claims by Yemen’s Houthi rebels.

The Houthis and social media accounts supporting them repeatedly have falsely claimed they hit or even sank the carrier in the Red Sea. The carrier leads the U.S. response to the rebels’ targeting of commercial vessels and warships in the crucial waterway — attacks the Houthis say are aimed at bringing an end to the Israel-Hamas war in the Gaza Strip.

The Eisenhower’s leader, Capt. Christopher “Chowdah” Hill, is creatively striking back on social media to counter the misinformation — and boost the morale of the ship’s 5,000 personnel — as the Navy faces its most intense combat since World War II.

“I think it’s been about two or three times in the past six months we’ve allegedly been sunk, which we have not been,” Hill told The Associated Press during a recent visit to the carrier. “It is almost comical at this point. They’re attempting to maybe inspire themselves through misinformation, but it doesn’t work on us.”

The visit by two AP journalists and others to the Eisenhower represents part of the effort the Navy has made to try to counter the Houthi claims. While on board for about a day and a half, journalists escorted by sailors crisscrossed the nuclear-powered ship’s 1,092-foot (332-meter) length. AP journalists also repeatedly circled the Eisenhower from the air in a Seahawk helicopter.


A US aircraft carrier and its crew have fought Houthi attacks for months. How long can it last?

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Other than rust on its side from the hot, humid Red Sea air and water apparently leaking from a pipe in a dining room, the ship appeared no worse for wear. Its flight deck bore no blast damage or gaping holes, just the stink of jet fuel, pooled puddles of oily water and the scream of engines before its F/A-18 fighter jets took flight.

The other half of the information warfare effort has been Hill himself, a native of Quincy, Massachusetts, something noticeable immediately in his South Boston accent. While even the secretive leader of the Houthis, Abdul Malik al-Houthi, has name-dropped the carrier in speeches while making false claims about the vessel, Hill has offered ceaselessly positive messages online about his sailors on board.

Videos of flight operations from the bridge and images of sailors eating cookies in the captain’s chair are constant staple. After one false Houthi claim, Hill responded by posting images of cinnamon rolls and muffins in the bakery on board the Eisenhower — a subtle jab at the claims.

“The whole intent of the social media outreach was to connect with families, to bring them closer to the ship,” Hill said. “So if I can post pictures of sons and daughters, husbands and wives out here, or even fathers and mothers, get it out there, it just kind of brings the family closer to us. And again, that’s our support network. But it also took on another role because everyone else was watching to see what we’re doing.”

Then there’s the “Star Wars” memes and images of Captain Demo, the Labrador-golden retriever mix who roams the ship as a support animal for sailors. And as far as the Houthi forces watching his postings, Hill takes special pleasure in writing about “Taco Tuesday” on the ship.

“We’re going to celebrate ‘Taco Tuesdays’ because it’s my absolute favorite day of the week. That will never end,” the captain said. “If you call that an information warfare campaign, you can. It’s just who I am, you know, at the end of the day.”

But morale remains a deep concern for Hill and other leaders on board the ship. The Eisenhower and its allied ships have gotten just one short port call during the eight-month rotation so far to Greece. The carrier also has been the most-deployed carrier among the entire U.S. fleet over the last five years, according to an analysis by the U.S. Naval Institute’s news service.

One sailor, Lt. Joseph Hirl from Raleigh, North Carolina, wore a patch reading: “Go Navy, Beat Houthis.” While that’s a play on the classic call for the annual Army-Navy football game, the naval flight officer stressed that he knew the combat was deadly serious.

“It’s pretty much the day-in, day-out stress of knowing that we are being shot at definitely gives a realism to the whole experience that this is not a normal deployment,” Hirl said.

Meanwhile, munitions also remain a concern. Navy Secretary Carlos Del Toro told the U.S. Senate’s Armed Services Committee in May the Navy had spent at least $1 billion in armaments to fight in the Red Sea. Every leader on board the Eisenhower that the AP spoke to acknowledged the Navy was trying to use the right weapon against the Houthis, whose asymmetrical warfare sees them use far cheaper munitions.

“My sailors, my ships are priceless — that’s not a calculus I want a captain to have,” said Capt. David Wroe, the commodore overseeing the guided missile destroyers escorting the Eisenhower. “Now, using the appropriate effect weapon system on the appropriate threat to preserve magazine depth, to have more missiles, is certainly a germane tactical question.”

For now, the Eisenhower continues its patrol along with the USS Philippine Sea, a cruiser, and two destroyers, the USS Gravely and the USS Mason. It’s been extended twice already and there’s always the chance it could happen again. But Hill said his sailors remained ready to fight and he remained ready to continue to captain in his style.

“I came to a revelation at some point in my career that, one of the things that all humans require is to be loved and valued,” Hill said. “So I shouldn’t be afraid, as a leader, to try to love and value everybody, and also to expect other leaders that I’m responsible for to love and value their sailors.”


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US aircraft carrier captain playfully counters Houthi's false online claims of hitting his ship (2024)


Is it possible to attack aircraft carrier? ›

There are four types of weapons that pose a danger to carriers: cruise missiles launched from aircraft, ships or land bases; ballistic missiles launched from ships or land bases; torpedoes launched from submarines; and drifting or tethered mines.

Has an aircraft carrier ever been sunk in battle? ›

In October 1944, USS Gambier Bay was involved at the Battle off Samar, where she was sunk by naval gunfire, primarily from the Japanese battleship Yamato. Meanwhile, the Japanese light carrier Chiyoda was crippled by US dive bomber aircraft, and later finished off by a US cruiser task force.

Has an aircraft carrier ever been attacked? ›

The aircraft carrier is vulnerable to gunfire, submarine attack, and air attack, and aircraft carriers have been sunk in this war by all three of these means. There is no excuse for an aircraft carrier being sunk by either gunfire or submarine attack and any carrier so sunk was being very poorly operated at the time.

Are aircraft carriers offensive or defensive? ›

By role. USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) a United States Navy fleet carrier, also often referred to as a supercarrier, seen here underway in 2019 crossing the Atlantic. A fleet carrier is intended to operate with the main fleet and usually provides an offensive capability.

What is the biggest plane that can take off an aircraft carrier? ›

And at its lightest, the Hercules came to a complete stop in 267 feet. And at its heaviest, Ali brought the plane to a complete stop in 460 feet. To this day, the C ONE THIRTY is still the largest plane. to have ever landed on an aircraft carrier.

Are there nuclear weapons on aircraft carriers? ›

There have been no nuclear weapons on board US Navy ships since the Clinton administration. The only missiles on carriers are small ones for anti-missile defense, like Enhanced Sea Sparrow and Rolling Airframe missiles, as well as those carried by fighter aircraft for defensive purposes.

How much of an aircraft carrier is underwater? ›

On a Nimitz class carrier, the flight deck is the 04 level. The hanger deck or main deck is 4 decks down and each deck is about 8 feet more or less. The water level is somewhere around the 3rd or 4th deck which is 3 to 4 decks down. Probably closer to the 3rd deck so that's about 50 feet or maybe a little more.

What is the only U.S. carrier sunk in the Atlantic? ›

On May 29, 1944, German U-boat, U-549, torpedoed and sank USS Block Island (CVE-21) west-northwest of the Canary Islands. USS Barr (DE-576) was also damaged in this attack. Block Island was the only U.S. carrier lost in the Atlantic during World War II.

How hard is it to destroy an aircraft carrier? ›

The ships are heavily armored and probably could not be sunk with anything less than a tactical nuclear weapon. Crews are trained to work around damage incurred in combat. Because carriers are constantly moving when deployed, it is difficult to fix their location.

Is there a jail on an aircraft carrier? ›

All US Navy ships that are large enough have a brig, the navy term for jail.

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The Hosho and Katsuragi, among the few Japanese carriers to survive the war, were given new roles as passenger transports, as were destroyers such as the Yoizuki. The ocean liner Hikawa Maru, which had been converted into a hospital ship, was used to gather thousands of men at a time.

What is the U.S. deadliest aircraft carrier? ›

The USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78) is the most capable, adaptable, and lethal combat platform in the world, maintaining the Navy's capacity to project power on a global scale through sustained operations at sea. Be a learning organization.

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NFOs in the US Navy begin their careers as unrestricted line officers (URL), eligible for command at sea and ashore in the various naval aviation aircraft type/model/series (T/M/S) communities and, at a senior level, in command of carrier air wings and aircraft carriers afloat and functional air wings, naval air ...

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Can an American aircraft carrier be destroyed or damaged by missiles from outside its defensive range? Obviously yes. There are intercontinental ranged missiles that would be fired from well outside its defensive range.

Is it possible to sink a US aircraft carrier? ›

Should a missile or torpedo strike the hull, voids inside the ship allow for warhead gas expansion. Plus, because an aircraft carrier is so large, it would take destroying most of its watertight compartments before it starts to sink. A scenario that, while not impossible, is unlikely to occur.

What is the biggest threat to aircraft carriers? ›

Top of the threat list is the much-hyped Chinese anti-ship ballistic missile (e.g., DF-21, DF-26) with a range of more than 3,000 miles. These weapons were in steady development for almost 20 years, building on a similar Soviet weapon system of the Cold War.

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