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Saylor's Pizza & More, Elkhart (5)2047 Oakland Ave
Elkhart, IN46516

Saylor's Pizza & More, Elkhart (6)Phone: (574) 293-3683

Saylor's Pizza & More, Elkhart (8)Neighborhood: Elkhart

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Italian, Pizza, Subs, Sandwiches

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$$ - Cheap Eats (Under $10)
$$ - Moderate ($11-$25)
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Reviews for Saylor's Pizza & More

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4.0 stars - Based on 42 votes

#84 out of 244 restaurants in Elkhart

#8 of 14 Italian in Elkhart

5 star19 votes45%
4 star15 votes36%
3 star1 votes2%
2 star1 votes2%
1 star6 votes14%

Top Reviews of Saylor's Pizza & More

Saylor's Pizza & More, Elkhart (24)05/29/2024 - Nikole M.

Saylor's Pizza & More, Elkhart (25)06/02/2023 - Pat Sullivan
Like their delivery service. Always on time. Their food is great.

Saylor's Pizza & More, Elkhart (26)12/22/2022 - MenuPix User
Love there pizza food and aervice

Saylor's Pizza & More, Elkhart (27)07/19/2022 - Professor Deb
Great food!

Saylor's Pizza & More, Elkhart (28)03/14/2021 - Juanita Kemp
Pizza was better than the time before, but I have better before.

Saylor's Pizza & More, Elkhart (29)04/09/2020 - Tracy
I ordered a couple rib tip meals I was told thirty minutes it’ll be delivered over a hour later I call and was talked to rudely and was told it was on its way twenty minutes later still no food so how long has my food been in this delivery car I’m never ordering from sailors again I’m reading others review and I’m sorry I did it’s very poorly ran rude service wow had to give one star but should’ve had option for no star terrible experience

Saylor's Pizza & More, Elkhart (30)06/19/2019 - MenuPix User
Honestly best pizza compared to any other pizza place. They have all types of food to order from. My favorite is their spaghetti. Amazing baked to perfection. I highly recommend this place. Also has some good wings. Great for parties too.

Saylor's Pizza & More, Elkhart (31)12/28/2018 - MenuPix User
Saylor's changed hands and isn't as good as previous. They do not have the variety they used to. The pizzas are pretty good.

Saylor's Pizza & More, Elkhart (32)06/09/2018 - MenuPix User
Love the food

Saylor's Pizza & More, Elkhart (33)10/31/2015 - D.Rembert
I called to place an order with Saylors on a Saturday night @ 9:50p and was told that they were closed. According to their menu and the hours listed on their website, they were supposed to be open until 11p. I was highly disappointed.

Saylor's Pizza & More, Elkhart (34)02/24/2014 - Joe Nelson
Everything Saylor's in Elkhart could have done wrong, they did. Ordered a pizza for delivery at 8:45 last night. I asked for a pie cut and he said ok. I asked him to make sure and he said ok. I asked him to write it down on order and he said ok. I asked how long? He said 40 mins. Driver shows up at 9:45pm. I asked, "Running late"? He asked,"What do you mean? I just got the order." He was a snotty, older man. After he left, I called back to ask for manager to give her a chance to make it right for no pie cut (even after confirming 3x) and for being 20 mins late without letting me know. All she could say was, "There are no guarantees", and must have said it at least 6x. I warned her that if she didn't make it right, I would write a review. She didn't care and repeated, "Not guaranteed". After I hung up, I opened pizza box to find canned mushrooms and cold (not even warm) pizza. Guess fresh ingredients and hot pizza isn't guaranteed either!

Saylor's Pizza & More, Elkhart (35)09/17/2013 - Sara
Great pizza

Saylor's Pizza & More, Elkhart (36)08/02/2013 - ralph
this is the worse customer service i have ever received the food was horrible the employess are all liars and not very friendly delivery what delivery we had to go get our own food and they still charged us delivery cost the store was filthy the owner is worthless he has no customer skills all he is there for is to rip people off overall the store was discgusting between the bugs and the dirt was hard to get to the counter

Saylor's Pizza & More, Elkhart (37)06/19/2013 - ashley curtis
Went in to pick up pizza, they said it would be 20 minutes, it took 30 they put the pizza in went we got there. I watch the lady with open sores all over her face touch two pizzas with bare hands, and also pick up a bread stick, that was left on there oven grill and put it in the box. then move the rest of them in the box, never saw her wash her hands after answering the phone, putting uncooked food in the fryer, also saw her push the paper in the trash. I complained she looked at mw like I was crazy and said I THINK THERE ARE SOME GLOVES IN THE BACK.. We left without our pizza!!!

Saylor's Pizza & More, Elkhart (38)03/22/2013 - lacygfams
They need to be put out or business permanately they sell old pizzas beware!!!!!

Saylor's Pizza & More, Elkhart (39)01/01/2011 - silvia
The food was really good and I liked kids enjoy the pizza, and I ordered from Niles location was off the hook....does anyone know how to find Saylors Pizza Facebook page..and where I can get text message offers from free breadsticks or something...

Saylor's Pizza & More, Elkhart (40)10/29/2010 - Scott
The pizza was phenomenal. And the pricing was cheaper than most of the "Gourmet" pizza places around town and even tasted 10 times better. Thank you Saylor's, you've found a regular customer!!!

Saylor's Pizza & More, Elkhart (41)04/15/2010 - Tammy
The absolute worse service ever, rude and completely unprofessional. When told it would be 30 min it turned into 75 min then I the customer was called a liar and when I commented back they took the pizza, from in front of my children that had been waiting patiently for it, and left with the food. This woman claimed to be the owner, but anyone who can do that to children and their customers should reconsider what they do for a living.

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