Melvor Idle Giant Clay Pot - Know How To Obtain, Use, & Benefits (2024)

Welcome to the world of Melvor Idle! If you’re an avid player, you’ve likely heard of the Giant Clay Pot, a vital item in the game’s farming system. This blog post will discuss the importance of the Giant Clay Pot, how to obtain it, and how to use it for farming expansion, covering each aspect in a detailed, engaging, and easy-to-understand manner. Let’s set off on our Melvor Idle adventure!

Role Of The Giant Clay Pot

The Giant Clay Pot is a crucial component in Melvor Idle’s farming system. It helps players unlock additional farming plots, allowing them to grow more crops and herbs concurrently. This feature is essential for progressing in the game and amassing resources. With the Atlas of Discovery Expansion, you can utilize these pots to purchase additional plots, a feature unavailable without the expansion.

To unlock all farming plots, players need a hefty total of 1340 Giant Clay Pots, a task requiring substantial time and effort. These pots are found at the Ancient Market at level 6 (large) with a 24.72% drop chance, offering a strategic challenge to players. Unlocking all plots incurs a hefty cost of 22,720,000 in-game currency, underscoring the importance of wise financial management within Melvor Idle. For those aiming for 100% completion, collecting and deploying Giant Clay Pots is a must-do, emphasizing their crucial role in enhancing farming capabilities and game progression.

How To Obtain Giant Clay Pots?

Obtaining Giant Clay Pots in Melvor Idle is an exciting endeavor. You can primarily find them at the Ancient Market at level 6 (large) with a 24.72% drop chance. As they are also considered archaeology artefacts, you can unearth them during your archaeology activities.

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If you have the Atlas of Discovery Expansion, you can use these pots to unlock extra farming plots. Unfortunately, you can’t buy the pots with in-game currency directly, but unlocking all the plots will set you back by 22,720,000 in-game currency. Collecting Giant Clay Pots is pivotal for achieving 100% game completion, making it a worthy pursuit in your Melvor Idle journey.

Using Giant Clay Pots For Farming Expansion

Expanding your farming in Melvor Idle using the Giant Clay Pot is quite straightforward. Your first step is to collect the pots, which are available at the Ancient Market at level 6 (large) with a 24.72% drop chance.

Once you have the pots, head to the farming section of the game where you manage your crops. If you have the Atlas of Discovery Expansion, you can use the pots to buy additional farming plots. Each plot has its own level requirement and pot cost, so choose wisely based on your farming goals and current level. You then use the required number of pots to unlock the chosen plots.

These new plots allow you to plant more seeds, grow more crops, and harvest more produce. This boosts your farming efficiency and drives your game progress forward. To unlock all farming plots, you need a total of 1340 Giant Clay Pots, so strategize your gameplay to maximize the utility of this invaluable item.

Benefits Of Farming Plot Expansion

Expanding farming plots in Melvor Idle is a strategic move that can elevate your gaming experience. More plots lead to the harvesting of more items, thereby providing a faster accumulation of experience. The acquisition of experience is crucial in the game as it helps you level up, enhancing your gameplay.

Moreover, an increased number of plots allows you to grow a wider variety of crops and herbs. This results in a larger supply of resources that can be used or sold within the game. A steady supply of food is essential in Melvor Idle as it sustains other activities such as combat and crafting.

Mastering the farming skill becomes quicker with more plots to plant and harvest. The larger the harvest, the more in-game currency you earn when you sell the extra produce. The strategic depth added by expanding plots lets you plan the crops and herbs to grow based on your current goals and future needs.

Sharing your farming strategies with the Melvor Idle community can provide new insights that can help enhance your gameplay. Expanding your farming plots using the Melvor Idle Giant Clay Pot is a fun and strategic way to make your gameplay more efficient and enjoyable.

Melvor Idle Overview

Melvor Idle is a feature-rich, idle incremental game inspired by the popular game RuneScape. Players can engage in various activities like combat, crafting, cooking, fishing, and farming. The game offers a comprehensive progression system, allowing players to level up and unlock new skills and resources.

The farming element, especially with the use of the Melvor Idle Giant Clay Pot, is a significant part of the game. This expansion allows players to plant, grow, and harvest a variety of crops and herbs. These activities provide a constant supply of food and resources, making the game more engaging and enjoyable.


The Giant Clay Pot is a key item in Melvor Idle that greatly improves farming and gameplay. By unlocking more farming plots, players can grow more crops and herbs, gather resources faster, and gain experience more quickly. Collecting the 1340 Giant Clay Pots needed for all plots takes time and planning, but it’s worth it. If you have the Atlas of Discovery Expansion, you can use the pots to unlock even more farming plots. Whether you’re trying to complete the game 100% or just want to farm more efficiently, the Giant Clay Pot is essential. So, start collecting those pots, expand your farming, and enjoy a more efficient and fun game experience.

Melvor Idle Giant Clay Pot - Know How To Obtain, Use, & Benefits (2024)


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