Medical Radiation Physicist, M.S. (Certified) in VANCOUVER, WA for Legacy Health (2024)


Posted: 21-Jun-24

Location: VANCOUVER, Washington

Type: Career Positions

Salary: 188096.72 - 280269.41


Medical Physics: Radiation Oncology



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Medical Radiation Physicist, M.S. (Certified)


Job ID:24-37727
Type:Regular Full-Time
Salmon Creek Medical Ctr campus


The Medical Physicist is responsible for computations, measurements and communication as necessary to ensure accurate delivery of radiation therapy treatments as prescribed by the Radiation Oncologist. A Medical Physicist must fully understand the operations, qualities and necessary safety requirements of all treatment and treatment planning equipment.

Legacy Health System has an opening for a full time, board certified Radiation Oncology Medical Physicist to backfill for a retirement. The primary focus will be on external beam treatments at the single LINAC facility at Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center in SW Washington but will also include participation in programs at the downtown Portland and Gresham facilities, both of which are less than a 20 mile drive. The preferred candidate will have experience with all facets of an external beam facility including LINAC, CT, and surface guidance, and a history of collaboration with dosimetrists, therapists, and physicians.

Common to all sites are Raystation TPS v11b, 4D GE CT and Elekta IGRT LINAC. The Salmon Creek facility also provides SGRT via Vision RT. The downtown Portland facility has active programs in Gamma Knife radiosurgery (120 patients/year), high and low dose rate brachytherapy (125 patients/year), IORT and Eye Plaque. The external beam practices involve the extensive use of VMAT and SBRT, and patients frequently receive combined therapies with brachytherapy and Gamma Knife SRS.

The physicist will join a group of physicists, physicians and dosimetrists. Each satellite facility has a primary physicist, and the remaining physicists are based at the downtown facility. All physicists cross-cover as required, and there is an opportunity to support and receive Gamma Knife and HDR specific training and credentialling.

This position offers the opportunities and professional challenges of a more innovative and procedure focused practice, with the feel of a community based medical center and access to the vibrant city of Portland and the amazing outdoors of the Pacific Northwest’s mountains and coast.

Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Centeris Southwest Washington’s most modern hospital, offering the latest technology in a setting designed for comfort and care for the whole family. We feature innovations in joint replacement, robotic surgery, pelvic health for women, cancer care, intensive care for newborns, neurosurgery, medical care for children and more.



Can perform machine warm-up and shut-down.

Can operate all machine functions from consoles, pendant and table panels.

Knows the use of the computer controls for clinical, service and physics modes.


Assures that PMIs are timely and complete.

Maintains a call list for machine service.


Can check the mechanical stability of all machine motions.

Can check all machine interlocks that ensure accurate and safe patient treatment.

Routinely tests emergency stop buttons and machine restarts.


Understands and can appropriately use the ionization chambers and electrometers for machine output calibration.

Performs analysis of the daily PROTEA measurements for stability, flatness and symmetry in beam output.

Assures that all meters and dosimetry systems are kept in calibration.

Performs the RPC TLD verifications routinely for outside assurance of beam output.


Can operate and take data with the water scanning phantom as needed for beam dosimetry and check measurements.

Can utilize TLDs for in vivo patient dose measurements and beam dosimetry.

Can use radiographic film for beam dosimetry, alignment checks, etc.

Generates machine data in hard copy form for hand calculations.


Has a basic understanding of the underlying algorithms used by the computer for dose calculations.

Can transfer the measured data to the treatment planning computer.

Tests the data used by the computer for accuracy.

Can use the computer for any complexity of treatment planning within the computer’s limitations. (Knows the limitations of the computer in treatment planning.)


Aids the physicians in optimal setup and planning as required for patient treatments (simulation consult and CT localization).

Can accurately perform hand calculations and computer generated treatment plans.

Performs double-checks of all patient calculations.

Performs weekly patient chart checks for chart completeness, consistency and understandability.

Participates in the logging and analysis of the CQI indicators.


Trains the staff in appropriate radiation safety.

Remains current on radiation regulations.

Participates in the Radiation Safety Committee.

Ensures that License and machine registrations are current and appropriate.

Assesses badge reports for high readings in accordance with ALARA as mandated by the Radiation Safety Committee.

Performs area surveys with patient brachytherapy implants, new source or equipment installations in Radiation Oncology.

Properly posts radiation areas, emergency procedures and other notices as required.


For brachytherapy implants, can accurately determine necessary source strength.

Follows appropriate procedures upon arrival of radioactive shipments.

Can perform calibration verification of brachytherapy sources.

Keeps appropriate records of source inventory, disposals and hot lab surveys.

Maintains procedures for proper source handling.

Posts radioactive materials signs and emergency procedures.

Maintains source utilization and patient and room surveys.


Offers consultation on new equipment purchases.

Can accurately perform shielding design for new therapy rooms or facilities.

Performs acceptance testing on new equipment as required.


The job of Medical Physicist minimally requires a Masters of Science Degree in medical physics and sufficient experience in clinical Radiation Therapy Medical Physics. If an individual is to be primarily working without additional Medical Physics supervision, he/she must be certified in Radiation Therapy Physics by one of the following: the American Board of Radiology, the American Board of Medical Physics or the Canadian College of Physicists in Medicine.


Follows guidelines set forth in Legacy’s Values in Action.

Equal Opportunity Employer/Vet/Disabled

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Medical Radiation Physicist, M.S. (Certified) in VANCOUVER, WA for Legacy Health (2024)


What is the difference between a health physicist and a medical physicist? ›

Medical physicists work with physicians, assisting patients who need imaging technol- ogy and radiation treatment in hospitals and other medical facilities. Health physicists protect people or the environment from the potential hazards of radiation in a variety of settings.

What is the salary of a radiation safety physicist? ›

As of Jun 23, 2024, the average annual pay for a Radiation Health Physicist in the United States is $94,805 a year.

How long does it take to become a radiation physicist? ›

A Bachelor's degree in physics with two years of specialized training in radiation physics, or a master's degree in radiation physics; and seven years of experience including three years of increasing responsibility in planning, organizing and supervising a radiation physics unit; of a Ph. D.

Do you need a masters to be a medical physicist? ›

Most clinical medical physicists will seek board certification by the American Board of Radiology (ABR) (see next question). An MS degree from a CAMPEP accredited institution is the minimum necessary to enter the board certification process.

What is the top salary for a medical physicist? ›

Medical Physicist Salary in Los Angeles, CA
Annual SalaryHourly Wage
Top Earners$189,641$91
75th Percentile$120,700$58
25th Percentile$63,600$31

Do you need a PhD to be a medical physicist? ›

For a clinical career as a medical physicist in the US or Canada, either an MS or a PhD should be pursued at a CAMPEP-approved graduate program. Other countries may have different requirements.

What does a medical radiation physicist do? ›

A medical physicist might: Plan radiation treatments for cancer patients. Study how radiation affects the body. Ensure equipment is safe, effective, and working properly.

How do I become a radiation health physicist? ›

How to become a radiation physicist
  1. Get your bachelor's degree. ...
  2. Obtain a master's degree. ...
  3. Pursue a residency program. ...
  4. Gain certification. ...
  5. Consider a doctorate degree. ...
  6. Continue pursuing professional development opportunities.

What is the highest paid physicist? ›

High Paying Physics Jobs
  • Chief Medical Physicist. Salary range: $175,000-$210,000 per year. ...
  • Experimental Physicist. Salary range: $57,500-$166,500 per year. ...
  • Computational Physicist. Salary range: $86,500-$140,500 per year. ...
  • Biophysicist. ...
  • Medical Physicist. ...
  • Senior Petrophysicist. ...
  • Physical Scientist. ...
  • Health Physics Technician.

What can you do with a master's in medical physics? ›

A professional with a degree in that field has many opportunities in workplaces like medical schools, hospitals and clinics. Some technical foundations that result from this practice are areas like radiology, radiation oncology and nuclear medicine .

Are medical physicists in demand? ›

The demand for medical physicists has exceeded the supply for many years. Most large medical centers employ physicists, and many have vacancies on their staff. Many smaller hospitals also are seeking medical physicists.

Is a medical physicist a doctor? ›

A medical physicist is a health professional with specialist education and training in the concepts and techniques of applying physics in medicine and competent to practice independently in one or more of the subfields (specialties) of medical physics.

What is the best degree for a medical physicist? ›

The best college majors for a medical physicist are physics, public health, medical technician, nuclear and industrial radiologic technologies, nuclear engineering, electrical engineering, biochemistry, biophysics, molecular biology, biomedical engineering, mathematics, and chemistry.

Is it hard to get into a medical physics program? ›

No, but successful applicants typically have a 3.5 cumulative grade point average (GPA) or higher, with grades of “B” or better in physics and math courses.

Can you be a physicist without a PhD? ›

If you intend to work as a theoretical physicist, most employers require a doctorate, although some will consider candidates working towards their Ph. D. Physics doctoral studies involve research that culminates into a thesis and you may be required to work as a teaching assistant for senior faculty members.

What is a health physicist? ›

Health physicists typically work in medical, research, industrial, and regulatory settings. Health physicists will have in-depth knowledge of nuclear power plant operations, military use of radiation, Department of Transportation rules for transporting radioactive materials, and hazardous material clean-up strategies.

What is a medical physicist? ›

Medical physicists work with doctors, nurses, technicians, and patients. They have three main components of work: clinical service and consultation, research and development, and teaching. A medical physicist might: Plan radiation treatments for cancer patients. Study how radiation affects the body.

Is biomedical physics the same as medical physics? ›

Although medical physics may sometimes also be referred to as biomedical physics, medical biophysics, applied physics in medicine, physics applications in medical science, radiological physics or hospital radio-physics, a "medical physicist" is specifically a health professional with specialist education and training ...

Are health physicists in demand? ›

The demand for medical physicists has exceeded the supply for many years. Most large medical centers employ physicists, and many have vacancies on their staff. Many smaller hospitals also are seeking medical physicists.

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